Ghostly Encounters


Podcast Episode 4: The Investigation of Mountbourne Mansion

Two sets of footsteps and the sound of twigs crunching under feet interrupt the soft sounds of leaves rustling and the hum of crickets in a forest.   

A short beep signals the start of the recording. Clicks and taps, along with static can be heard.

Sasha: (loudly and enthusiastically) Hey everyone! Welcome back to Ghostly Encounters! Today, we have a brand new, extra scary, haunted mansion to explore! As you all know, I’m Sasha, and with me, I have my trusty sidekick-

A muffled grunt of protest from further away.

Sasha: Fine, my trusty partner, Gio. Right now, we are walking up a bumpy driveway to reach our destination, a long-abandoned mansion along Mountbourne Road. 

Another muffled noise from further away. 

Sasha: According to Gio, we are just about to reach the gate! I can almost see the tow- 

A soft clang and a thump as GIO trips and falls. He grunts in pain. 

Sasha: Woah Gio! What happened?

Hurried footsteps as SASHA runs up to GIO, the muffled voice getting clearer as she moves closer. 

Gio: I’m not sure… I think I tripped over something. Over there. 

More footsteps and a clang as SASHA picks something up. 

Sasha: Oh! It’s a sign!

Sasha: (reading aloud) Beware… do not enter… danger… Hmmm, I wonder how that got in the middle of the path…

Another grunt as GIO stands up and the sound of cloth swishing can be heard as he brushes off the dirt from his pants. 

Gio: (from afar) I’m fine Sasha, thanks for asking. Let’s go in already. 

Sasha: (panting out of breath, addressing the recorder) So guys, we have finally reached the gates of the mansion… phew, it was quite a steep walk up the driveway! Anyway, we need to figure out how to break in-

A loud rusty rattling of metal followed by a single deafening clang rings out suddenly.

Sasha: And Gio has busted through the gate! Nice one Gio.

More footsteps and crunching leaves.

Sasha: Now, we need to find a place to set up our equipment. I think we should go right up outside the mansion so that we can get the best, highest-quality sound recording for all of you!

Rustling and fumbling as SASHA passes the microphone over to GIO.

Sasha: Here Gio, hold this while I go ahead to find a spot!

Gio: Uhh, okay. Hey guys. Sasha is walking up along the side of the mansion right now. 

Sasha: (from farther away) This place is huge! Come on Gio, over here looks good! 

Hurried footsteps as GIO catches up with SASHA. 

Sasha: When I was doing research on this location, I really had to dig around! Most of the sites I went to had very limited information. All I know is that it was abandoned somewhere in the 1940s, after some sort of incident. I’m not even sure if this place has been explored in the last… uhh sixty years? 

Gio: Wait, sixty years? Sasha, what if it isn’t safe-

Sasha: (cutting Gio off) Hear that listeners? What a spooky and dangerous situation! This could be our greatest, most daring episode yet! Speaking of this episode, everyone… I would like to take this time to introduce the sponsor for this series! 

GRAB Paranormal Equipment and has very kindly provided us with firstly, the G3T G-H0STZ Spirit Box with ambient-temperature-deviation-detection and secondly, the PH-ANT0M Spirit Recorder with AC/DC EMF antenna! Why settle for unreliable heat and motion detection when you can experience top-of-the-range quality from GRAB Paranormal Equipment and! 

Sasha: (singing) Always remember, when there’s something strange… in the neighbourhood… who you gonna call? GRAB Paranormal Equipment and!

Just so our new listeners know, we’ve been using their infrared ghost-detection goggles since the channel started! Now, we will be testing this new equipment live! While I’ve been talking, Gio has been setting it up! 

A series of beeps and clicks as the equipment turns on. 

Gio: Okay, all ready! 

Sasha: The G3T G-H0STZ Spirit Box is now on. When it detects fluctuations in electromagnetic fields signalling the presence of a paranormal being, it will make a loud BEEP, followed by a robotic message indicating how far away the being is! How cool is that! 

Gio: Now, all we do is wait. 

Silence for a few beats, followed by a sigh from Sasha.

A short beep signals the end of the recording. After a few seconds of silence, the beep sounds again.

Sasha: (disappointed) Hey guys, it’s been about twenty minutes, and we haven’t detected anything yet… Gio, I told you that we should have gone closer! 

Gio: I don’t know Sasha… Maybe the detector is just broken. 

Sasha: You can’t say that! They are our only sponsor right now, we can’t diss their equipment! 

Gio: Okay fine, but I really don’t think that it- 

A loud BEEP interrupts. 

G3T G-H0STZ Spirit Box: (obnoxious robotic voice) AN ENTITY HAS BEEN DETECTED 30 METRES AWAY. 

Sasha: IT WORKS! Gio! Hurry up and turn on the Spirit Recorder! Maybe we can catch some sounds or something! 

Beeps and clicks as GIO turn on the spirit recorder. 

Gio: Okay, it’s on, we just have to adjust the frequency.

A knob clicks and spins as GIO hurriedly adjusts it. 


Sasha: There’s another one! Gio there are two? What a jackpot! Come on, connect the recording! Hurry! 

Gio: Okay, doing that right no-

GIO’s voice cuts off as it transitions to PENNY and DAVID inside the house. Since they are being heard through the recorder, their voices are muffled and tinny.

DAVID and PENNY speak in a Transatlantic accent. 

David: (accented)  It looks like it’s getting frightfully cold with the damp and constant fog outside.

Penny: (accented) Yeah I think so. I can’t stand the cold. Though it’s not like we’d be able to feel anything anyway. 

David: I know, I know. I’ve always liked the chill. Back when we was living, we used to love goin’ fo’ walks in warm cozy sweaters. 

Penny: Give me our walks in the corn fields in the summer anytime. 

A whoosh as PENNY drifts past DAVID and up to the window. 

David: Where ya goin’, Penny?

Penny: I’m just lookin’ outside! 

A few moments of silence as static buzzes harshly. 

Penny: I wish we could go outside, just fo’ a moment. 

David: I know… but it’s not like we have a’ choice, Penny. 

Recording cuts off, followed by harsh static. Slowly, SASHA and GIO’s voices fade in.

Sasha: Oh my gosh! It actually works! But it’s so crackly and unclear! 

Gio: (shaky voice) I can’t believe this is happening. I can’t believe we can actually hear… them. 

Sasha: (overexcited) Gio why are you so pale? This is a good thing! It’s good content for our listeners! We need to fix the audio! 

Beeps and clicks as GIO adjusts the machine. 

Sasha: (addressing the listeners) So guys, as you have probably heard from the recording, there are two ghosts in the house! Isn’t that just amazing? I hope that the audio isn’t too unclear. From what I’ve heard so far, they refuse to go outside for some re-

Gio: (cutting Sasha off) No. That’s not it. They want to go outside, but they can’t. Remember the ghost death place rule? 

Sasha: Ohhhh you’re right Gio! For the listeners new to the supernatural world… ghosts are tethered and therefore unable to leave the place of their death! They are forced to remain there… (dramatic pause) forever!

Gio: (quietly) Unless…

Sasha: Unless what? Ohh, you mean that old theory! Gio, it’s never been proven to happen and it won’t happen. Don’t be such a wuss!

Gio: (sighing) Do I need to pull up the video? Is that what it will take for you to believe it? 

Sasha: Wait, Gio. The recording is wayyy too crackly! And chunks of it keep cutting out. I think we should go in.

Gio: (flabbergasted) Go in? Are you insane?!

Sasha: Hear me out, we would be getting much clearer recordings for our viewers! 

Gio: Sasha no! What if it’s dangerous?

Sasha: Gio, our listeners will love it! Think about all the new subscribers this will get us!

Sasha (in a whisper): Think of all the new sponsors we could get.

Gio: Ugh, okay fine. Let’s put on the goggles. 

GIO’s voice cuts off. Back inside the house, static crackles signal the start of the ghost recording.

Penny: Yes, I know dear. I want to leave too, so desperately! I would give anythin’ to roam the outside free.

David: And there’s only one way to get out! But if there aren’t any humans showin’ up here no more, how we meant to do that? 

Penny: Don’t ya think David… that maybe this is God’s punishment for what we did?

David: Oh for Pete’s sake. Off ya go again. Those servants deserved to be punished. 

Penny: I know but… maybe we shouldn’t have strung them up and all.

David: Penny, I will never apologize for what we did. They were useless, they had it comin’!

Penny: But maybe if we hadn’t, you know, done it the way we did, the others wouldn’t have been so angry and came for us in our sleep. And now… we’re trapped ‘ere!

David: Naw Penny. Ain’t much use cryin’ over milk already spilt.

Harsh static. Slowly, SASHA and GIO’s voices fade in.

Sasha: (whispering) Okay listeners, we are now next door to the kitchen that the ghosts are currently in. 

Gio: (panicked whispering) Sasha! How are you so calm! They just said that they killed a bunch of people? We need to get out now! 

Sasha: Gio relax! A few more minutes won’t hurt! This is fantastic content! 

Gio: Yeah but… the theory seems much more likely now! The man-ghost mentioned something about needing humans!

Sasha: Gio, that’s just monkey talk! 

Gio: Here, I have the clip saved on my phone. I’ll play it for the listeners and they can decide for themselves.

A beep as GIO plays the video. 

Interviewer: So, Doctor, can you explain again how you think ghosts are able to leave their place of death? 

British Doctor: Through 50 years of research on this topic, I have theorized and almost proven… that ghosts can possess the bodies of humans who infiltrate their death places, and then be able to escape! Ghosts will have full control of the humans they possess. One of the telltale signs of humans who have been possessed by a ghost are pupil-less eyes, and stiff movements as the ghost takes ownership of the body. 

The clip cuts off. Static crackles to signal the start of the ghost recording. 

David: Oh Penny. All we need are a couple of humans we can occupy and we can get out! 

Harsh static. 

Gio: (aggressive whisper) I-I knew it! The theory was true! 

Sasha: (disbelief) Gio… this is crazy! 

Gio (faint): …I can’t believe it… we’re going to die here if they catch us!

Sasha: (loud whisper) No we won’t! Listeners, we’ve come upon a potentially dangerous situation. Please like and share this podcast with your friends right now so that they can tune in too!

Gio: (whispers) Sasha, shut up! You have to be quiet! We have to get out of here, now. 

Sasha: But this is premium content! 


Sasha: Gio? What’s wrong? Say something! I can’t see you in this dark.  

A loud gulp from GIO.

Gio: (terrified) S-Sasha? 

Sasha: Yes? 

Gio: (voice cracking) Did- did you turn off the ghost detector? 

Sasha: (confused) Huh?

Gio: Did you. Turn off. The ghost detector?

A few seconds of silence. A loud beep rings jarringly, echoing around the room. 

G3T G-H0STZ Spirit Box: (obnoxious robotic voice) AN ENTITY HAS BEEN DETECTED 4 METRES AWAY. 

Loud aggressive static roars suddenly. 

Sasha: (quietly) Gio? Do you think they heard us? 

Gio: I-I don’t know. I’ll turn on the ghost recorder. 

A beep and then static. 

Sasha: They’re not talking anymore. 

Gio: (shaky) We need to leave right now! Let’s go. 

Sasha: Yeah okay, let’s go. 

Footsteps and shuffling. 


SASHA yelps in shock. 

Gio: (terrified whisper) T-They’re moving.

Sasha: Pack up the equipment Gio! We can’t leave the gear here. 

A loud clatter, and hurried footsteps. 


Sasha: Come on Gio, hurry up! 

Gio: I-I’m trying! 

Sasha (further away): Hurry Gio, I’m already in the hallway! I’m gonna run ahead and put the sim card with the current footage outside, catch up okay?!

Frantic clattering as GIO picks up the radio. 



(From this point on, both human and ghost dialogue is heard together as they are in close proximity)

David: (very crackly audio) Lookie what I found!

GIO screams, a loud thump can be heard as he falls. Grappling sounds as he fumbles for the recorder. 

Gio: (low whisper) Mom, Dad, if you’re hearing this, I’m probably dead. I got killed by a ghost. I can see him through my goggles! He’s right in front of me! 

DAVID cackles in the background. 

David: (staticky) Penny, darlin’! Come in here! Look what God put into our hands!

Static hisses as PENNY joins DAVID. 


GIO whimpers in fear.

Gio: T-There are two of them now. Oh God, help me, please!

Gio: (screech) P-P-Please don’t k-k-kill me!

David: Oh naw, we ain’t gonna kill ya! We’re gonna do somethin’ much more painful than that!

GIO gasps in shock. 

Gio: PLEASE! Please! Just let me go! 

Desperate scrambling and panting sounds can be heard. GIO stands up and tries to run.

David: (enraged) WHERE DO YA THINK YOU’RE GOIN’?! 

A loud whoosh followed by static. GIO lets out strangled screams and retching noises, the audio cutting in and out.

Gio: (crying) Please, no, NO!

Penny: (crying) David, wait!

David: I’ll come back for you my love!

A sound of a mini explosion. Loud static before all audio cuts off. A few seconds of silence, before the audio slowly fades in.

Loud panting, and staggering footsteps. 

Possessed Gio: (further away) Aw hell, I ain’t used to this. 

More thumps and heavy footsteps. 

Possessed Gio: (sighing in satisfaction) Finally! I’ll hafta admit, this feels good!

Footsteps as a door opens, and POSSESSED GIO stumbles down the hall. A loud creak as the front door opens, and sounds of the rustling trees and the soft chirping of birds are heard. 

Sasha: Gio! Thank God you made it out! So did you see the ghosts? Did you get any kind of recording?! 

A few beats of silence. 

Possessed Gio: (hesitant) Uhh, nope, I didn’t see no ghosts! And I accidentally busted this radio thingy. 

Rustling as he holds it up. 

Sasha: Oh, the PH-ANT0M Spirit Recorder! No matter, we can buy a new one after we upload the footage for this- wait…

Footsteps as SASHA gets closer. 

Sasha: Gio… what happened to your eyes? 

Possessed Gio: (shocked) Uh- my eyes? 

Sasha: (confused) They’re all white. Like your pupil is gone…

Possessed Gio: Uhhh, I don’t know what yer talkin’ about! 

Sasha: (teasing) It’s probably from the shock… 

Possessed Gio: (nervous laughter) Y-Yeah.

Sasha: Okay then! Shall we go? 

Possessed Gio: Back to the human city right? 

Sasha: Of course silly! That’s where we live! Heyyy wait a sec, the recorder is on! 

Possessed Gio: The recorder? 

Sasha: The thing you’re holding! You forgot to turn it off! 

Possessed Gio: Oh, oops! H-How do ya turn it off again? 

Sasha: You press that button silly! The red one! 

Possessed Gio: Ohhh, that one, yes of course, now I remember! 

Sasha: You’re acting kind of weird Gio…

Possessed Gio: Am I? Uhh, I think I might be kinda… haunted from that experience. 

Sasha: I totally get it! I can’t wait to upload this footage, it’s the best content we’ve ever gotten! 

Possessed Gio: Content? I mean uh- yeah! 

Rustling as SASHA grabs the recorder. 

Sasha: (closer) Thanks for listening everyone! Again let’s thank our sponsor, GRAB Paranormal Equipment and! I’m glad we were able to get all this footage for you guys, and that neither of us got possessed or anything! Hahaha!

POSSESSED GIO chokes and coughs in the background

Possessed Gio: Wait. 

Sasha: Hmm?

Possessed Gio: We… we need to go back. 

Sasha: Back? Huh? Why? We’ve gotten enough footage. I want to get started on editing! 

Possessed Gio: Naw! We need to go back. We er… left something behind.  

Sasha: What? Oh c’mon Gio. Seriously?

Possessed Gio: Yeah, yeah. I er… you left your goggles. Mine too. I saw them. They’re just by the door. Go get them. We can’t leave them. I… think I needa rest up a bit. My eyes hurt and everything. You go. 

Sasha: What? Are you sure the goggles aren’t in the back here somewhere?

Rustling as SASHA searches.

Sasha: Oh man, they’re not. Okay I guess I have to go back for them. Wait here for me, I won’t be a minute.

Sound of a car door slamming shut.

Possessed Gio (fumbles with recorder): How do you work this thing? Check, one two. 

Why hello there dear listeners. It’s good to be back. (laughs) It’s reaaal good to be back. Stay tuned as Penny and I take you on a little road trip next episode, further down South where it’s gonna be a hella lot warmer and the corn fields grow mighty tall. (laughs again)

POSSESSED GIO’s chuckling fades away, loud beep to end the recording. 

Ayla Tien Hampartsoumian (Class of 2025) is a spontaneous writer who finds meaning in the world through her words. She crafts narratives that reflect her observations, emotions, and experiences, infusing her characters with fragments of her own identity.