When Pigs Fly


Shakespearean Sonnet

We stepped out of the cottage, together,

Into a new world, a world that is ours.

We marvelled the view, my arms around her,

Our bare feet tickled by dancing flowers. 

A waterfall cascaded down a ridge,

Gulls plunging along the current, grinning.

Palm trees that arched to form heart shapes in which

They sway to melodies of our singing.

We waltzed along the shore, hands intertwined.

I held on tight, lest she might slip away.

After so long, was she finally mine?

I gazed into the falling of the day.

For what dots among the purple-bruised sky,

Were the flying pigs that revealed the lie. 

Lim Wen Yih (class of 2025) is an avid writer who enjoys reading short stories and poetry. Though he does not aspire to be a future writer, writing has grown to become his hobby, his friend, and a huge part of his life.