Under The Cover Of Night – A Shakespearean Sonnet

After The Lemon Orchard by Alex La Guma


Beneath the crescent moon an orchard grew

Columns of trees bearing Citrus limon

Concealing a clandestine rendezvous

Of four white and one coloured African

The latter an educated teacher

With allegations trumped up against him

Was dragged from his home like a prisoner

An innocent persecuted victim

The still night air in the lemon orchard

As bitter as the fruit around the men

Only the lemons watched as they tortured

Silent screams no one will hear of again

Heaven would know of such horrors that might

Disappear under the cover of night

Lauren Sin (Class of 2025) is a writer who finds inspiration in the books she reads and the people around her. She likes mystery novels, dislikes sad dog stories, and enjoys reading with her dog, Coke, curled up beside her.