The Mirror


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder 

That is why I can never understand why you pinch your sides 

Your nails clawing at flabby skin 

Your lips pulling into a deep frown 

One that leaves creases of stress 

between your eyebrows 

You gaze upon your imperfections 

Through glassy eyes 

Scars on your legs 

Hair on your arms 

How your eyes aren’t bright enough to be blue 

Not sweet enough to be brown 

You look at me and see only your reflection 

One that you hate 

The one that tells you to cry 

And be bitter about your rejection 

You shake your fist at the sky 

As if you aren’t exactly as God intended for you to be 

Tears spill down your chubby cheeks 

And you look away 

I grow old under these questioning looks 

Am I ugly? 

Will I be lovely? 

Do not grab my faded frame until the world sways 

For I cannot teach you how to 


If not you, who will? 

They cry 

My world tips on its axis and I fall 

Onto my side 

You crouch near me and whisper 

Your first unhappiness 

If only you could see what I do 

That the world is cruel 

But there is only perfection 

In you.

Alessia (class of 2026) is a passionate and dedicated writer.