the first isyak1 of ramadan


my brow kisses the sejadah2 fondly
in penitent sujud3, wanting to strive
for pureness before the lord who made me.

the anguish that found relief absentee
i’ll lay it by your gracious feet tonight.
my brow kisses the sejadah1 fondly.

praying for consolation on my knees.
i offer you all my heart, unrefined,
pleading for peace from the lord who made me.

the nescience of my foolish youth now sees
how newfound maturity trusts the divine, 
my brow kisses the sejadah2 fondly.

my faith is mine to fathom finally
an answer to pain after all this time:
to seek solace in the lord who made me.

if indeed, with hardship, comes ease,4 then please
let your vow be my sacred lullaby.
my brow kisses the sejadah1 fondly 
as i consign my heart to you who made me.

1 the obligatory night prayer, with 4 rakaat, or 4 complete sequences of motions performed in prayer. this includes four prostrations at the end of each rakaat.
prayer mat
3 prostration, a step in prayer4 quran 94:6

Misha Ghosh (Class of 2023) would like to provide a noble backstory for her writing journey, but the truth is that she writes because she understands nothing about everything and she needs somewhere to scream. The empty page is a good listener.