The Downfall of my Unfatherly Superhero


To my favourite superhero
Today, you carried me on your shoulders. 
I watched your cape shine and glow,
As you walked me through my darkness, 
Hand in hand, until we reached your rainbow. 

I was your sidekick, you were my saviour. 
Masks on, fists up, as we flew sky-high, 
Sparks flew out of our palms as meteors 
Crashing onto Planet Earth, a bullseye
Hitting the felons, killing the monsters. 

My eyes twinkled at you; when would it be 
My turn, to reach the mountain peak, to take 
Over your superhero name? The glory?
But I was just a small cloud aged eight; 
I couldn’t create the rainbows you made.  

Then, you became my villain.
The cape withers;
that silk that hid your rotten 
core. Colourless 
Rainbows you cursed darken
The skies. As your darkness 
Summons more demons. 

You smell of new side
Chicks. Your mask slipped, a
Monster unveiled. You ignite
Your dynamites, spreading your familiar 
Massacre. Meteors take flight, 
Crashing on my mother’s 
Spirit, before the divide.

The clouds took apart
My vision, a deadly 
blindfold shard-
ing my eyes. Greedy
Hands lynch me forward, hard.
I bleed. You were free.
You were my first heart-
Break. But you will be 
My last.

Larisa Lim (Class of 2023) likes to look at pictures of fat and fluffy cats to improve her mental health. She thinks that pink unicorns are hiding in Antarctica. She hopes her motivation to read a book series that is not Harry Potter lies there too.