shakespearean sonnet


Sonnets – the love of all Shakespearean nerds.  
Baffling rhyme schemes, phrases unexcited.
Loving confessions, maybe somber words
On the sadness of love unrequited.

Is there really a pressing, urgent need  
For all this ponderous introspection?  
Why do I have to force feed  
My brain with poetic dissection?  

My fingers’ cramping up, my vision rocked,
Yet again exhausting my tired brain.
Lagging, like a CPU overclocked 
running faster, under strain.

It has been two hard weeks of near-defeat.
I slide into oblivion, task complete.

Aidan Phuan (Class of 2023) likes sleeping and reading. His most advanced writing technique is staring at a blank Google Docs document until something interesting appears. He entertains ideas of becoming an editor one day. Aidan is a LA4 student .