‘Queen’ of Diamonds


The die has been cast my dear friends;
Tonight, the heist begins.
The ‘queen’ of Diamonds leads the charge,
The winds of change she brings.

She gazes at the castle with
Eyes of a wild creature.
A tiger locked onto its prey;
A grin warps her features.

The people wait for her command
To take back the city;
Their voices cry out for freedom.
Was fire this pretty?

Now the revolution begins,
Arrows and swords clashing.
The city nothing but a blur,
Proud towers now crashing.

The best the world can offer her,
Stored in a treasure room.
Now, did you think you could stop her?
Bold of you to assume.

Resting on a bed of laurels,
The self-centred king sleeps
All dressed up in gold and silver,
Discord he sows and reaps.

The ‘queen’ in the shadow watches
The oddly peaceful king
Sleeping in his burning city
His world overturning.

A prized Jewel by his bedside
Falling into her hands,
She easily takes it away,
boldness quickly offends.

Satisfied from raiding his stores,
Money packed in a sack
She jumps out the castle window,
Running all the way back

To her home hidden in the dark,
Smiling through the chaos.
The king suddenly awakens
Anger with few payoffs.

The king sits on his de-jewelled throne,
Devoid of empathy.
Demanded, “Make the riots stop;
Withhold all sympathy.”

Arrows that sought to kill the thief,
Found only citizens.
Their screams haunting the guilty ‘queen’
Piercing her mind like poison.

Pulling her cloak ‘round her shoulders,
She turns her back on them.
Or at least for the time being,
She has more to condemn.

In their minds she is always there
Like a trick of the light
Waiting for the right time to strike,
Queen of diamonds takes flight!

Lauren Leow Yong Yi (Class of 2023) writes to gather as much experience and collect as many pieces of knowledge as possible. She takes these pieces and crafts a life very different from her own as an escape from things she hates.