me and broadway and you (we are all dinosaurs, by the way)


i would like to watch a musical on dinosaurs someday and the dinosaurs would sing in a way that combined lyrics with their gutteral roars. there would be raw(r) emotion in that musical and everyone would be moved to tears, or at least laugh a lot, and hopefully at the end they’ll hug whoever they came with, decided to watch a musical about dinosaurs in love with because i think that i would never let a person like that go.

dinosaurs deserve hugs too because as they were dying, they were together with those that they loved and that is how we found them and will keep finding them. even though we lost them so long ago, we find them yesterday, today, tomorrow and tomorrow and another tomorrow and so many tomorrows that i will probably have written that musical about dinosaurs by the time they find all of them, buried in the ground, fossils and fuels and rocks and sand, broken pieces never complete but holding hands.

the dinosaurs never were living alone, never died alone, never became fossils alone and were never found alone and although we might have been alone when they were found, we will have us and the musical about dinosaurs in love and maybe also a cat that will never be alone because the musical about dinosaurs and the dinosaurs themselves showed us that we should just hug each other and never let go.

Man Kiran Kaur (Class of 2024) believes in love and happiness, as cheesy as that sounds. She always includes this in her writing, which is inspired by her favourite video-games and more often than not, about aliens, princesses and dinosaurs.