False Victory


Fox in the Snow – Gustave Courbet,1860

Gelid ground, frost
-bite scarred my mind, 
grovelling fragile flakes rest by me.

Air is not pure 
but poisoned with crimson iron.
Raise your leg for all to see,
an undeserved trophy.

No longer in drowse,
haunted whispers of winter 
winds howl, clap and chortle.

Chilling cheers of the rusted spectators 
bury my frost ears
as a smirking tyrant commands  
a funeral for our bloodied arena

and I’m left with still 
fresh eyes
stained with startling gold.

I bow down (turning away in respect)
in honour of your sacrifice
for nature’s cold compulsion for passing.

Zara Sophia Sze Rei Soong (Class of 2022) is from the second batch of Literary Arts. She is currently studying Film.