-n a
branch a
leaf swayed S
-o thin it could fal
-l apart with the slight
-est touch Laced with the
scent of soil Smooth like silk
Dancing in the warm summer air
And when it fell (it falls) Oh-so gently
and slowly (it falls) Down to the ground (
it falls) Landing with a rustle (it fell) Green a
-mongst browns (it fell) Pelted with raindrops de
-scending from the darkened sky Turning from cri-
sp to mush Bright to tawny Soaking in sunligh
-t as the sky clears Losing itself to the wind
when it breezes by (it flies) The wind do 
-esn’t last long It’s the end of the eu
-phoria As the wind dies the l
-eaf once again f a l l s A 
cycle yet to be rep
-eated (i








Moy Rui Jia (Class of 2024) frequently experiments with themes of fantasy and family relationships. Her poem ”Falling” is about starting over, shown through the story of a leaf falling again and again.