Dear Jane


Dearest Jane,

                    I cannot look you in the eye,

the trenches I dug have moulded me instead,

into a ghastly beast whose tears have run dry,

whose red beating heart has turned to hard black lead.

My sweet Janie,

                    I’ve taken life after life,

driven my bullets through so many heroes,

how can I ever ask you to be my wife,

when I’ve left countless poor grieving widows?

Oh Jane, Jane,

                    Why do you still love me the same?

Can you really not see how much I have changed?

Go find someone better, someone not insane,

it is best if from this beast you are estranged.


     Your every shot burns you forever,

come home, love, and let us heal together.


Ramaa Rangnekar (Class of 2024) is a writer by day. At night, she seeks magical lands: climbing into wardrobes, running through MRT walls, flipping through books and wearing rings. She hopes to create worlds which others will look for one day!