Cycle of Prometheus


I always wondered, about
The violence, the 
Murder, the
strings of mass genocide and horrors –

And I wonder ;
Do you think we chose to be like this?
Flying, vibrating, scheming demons, who only exist to feed?
Do you think I-
want to do this? Plunging myself into danger, where every 
could be my last?

And yet, I still waited. Patiently, until you relaxed ; unsuspecting.
To risk it all for a few measly morsels of
food – for them. For my family ;
for those who had needed me.

I don’t wish to give you disease, or to
harm you in any way.

I just wish you had taken it out on me. 
To had hit me out of the air, or against your skin.
To have killed me and moved on,
destroying my birthplace and
my home.

You think yourself smart, taking out your sprays, or your racquets, or your fans, or your tools.
You satisfy yourself, fuming poison into every crevice of your home.
You don’t know how hard we pray that
we make it safely – to survive another day.

You’re on our wanted list. A creature ; a virus.
You who have killed us with your weapons of murder;
Your poison, your gas, your fans and your own cruel hands.
The horrors that you shoved down our throat.
The misery you have sowed.

So maybe what we’re doing next is just completing the cycle.
Maybe our actions will only incite more to come.
Akin to a
Cornered, bullied child on his last stance, or
a knight, surrounded by enemies, on his last gambit.
Perhaps we are only feeding into what caused this in the first place;
Even so, don’t
blame us for what happens next

Jerome was a Literary Arts Student from 2016 to 2019, where he learned about the universality of stories, and his unique voice to tell them.