Bleached Silence


The Lovers II by Rene Magritte

Crushed under 
bleached silence 
we cower under, 

A pressure cooker of 
threaten to explode, 

Salty ice freezes my face, 
They dismiss our debris, 
Orange scar against brown beauty 
smothered by a miserable cruelty, 

That same 
crippled love 
stirs through our ripped shards, 

A shroud of a stolen kiss 
we plunge into, 

Ignore those grating cries of 
Fury at brown radiance and 
orange darkness

Suhasini Jain (Class of 2022) is currently a Film student, previously from the second batch of Literary Arts. Her past four years of writing has made her realise her love for poetry, fiction and screenwriting.