Black Smudge of Mt Fuji


In this Winter Wonderland, everyone remembers
Snow-capped brown mountains, cherry leaves,
And the sunset blushing the sky a
Tinge of pink and violet.

But I  –
I remember seeing a duckling,
Sulfur yellow beak, little coal eyes
A black fleeting stroke against the 
Canvas of the rising sun;
Sway fierce despite the brash thrust of the sea.

I remember turning the corner of a
Desolate grey street, stumbling
Upon a war between waves and mountains
Pushing and pulling and pulling and pushing –

I remember watching this duckling,
The rope in this tug-of-war.
It’s red string of fate drowning
In the labyrinth of a darkened sea;
The life in its eyes still searing me anyway.

As we watched one another,
A duckling and a girl, 
I realised:
We are children born of black smudges and snow
Ashes of volcanoes still trying to burn.

Rachel Smitha Pary was a Literary Arts student from 2016 to 2019. Her time in LA has inspired her with the transformative power of words. Since then, she has used her craft to connect and give back to her community.