An Interview With Society


Why do we judge, 
Not just others but ourselves? 

Do we all feel the need 
To be accepted by others 
Before we can accept ourselves For who we really are? 

Why do the type of clothes we wear Label who they see us as 
From the very moment 
They lay their eyes on us 

Is that what life, 
Society is all about? 

Should being who you really are Not be okay? 
We all live in a society 
Where being true to yourself And accepting change 
And difference 
Is not “cool” or “acceptable” 

Why do we do this to ourselves?

Simran (Class of 2024) is a huge fan of poetry. She finds poetry a way to talk about “taboo” topics and to express one’s emotions on a deeper level. She is also a sucker for cheesy love stories but wishes to expand her reading to more genres.