After the Rain


Why do we scorn
the magnificent beauty
that the cotton filled clouds
have chosen to
bestow upon us,
instead of singing along with
the sky’s whispering tears?

Couldn’t we watch
for a moment
as two droplets race 
towards the bottom
of a window sill,
like we once did as children?

If the gentle fog
drifts and glides our way
why do we assume a fight
and push it away,
instead of embracing it
with open arms?

Why put
a plastic cover over
our trembling heads
when the glassy grey dome
could whisk all our 
worries away?

Instead of carefully avoiding
glimmering puddles
can’t we just
learn to tear off
our shoes and
in them?

Maegan Tan (Class of 2024) loves reading classics and listening to old music. This poem expresses her remorse at adults who’re often weighed down by the burdens and responsibilities of our world, losing their precious spark of childhood.