Recent Prison Break In Crete Sends the Kingdom Into A State of Chaos


Recent Prison Break In Crete Sends the Kingdom Into A State of Chaos
By Manasvini Shankar in 2020
The Cretan Times

CRETE, GREECE- Following the events of the recent prison break in the kingdom of Crete, King Minos, in a spur of rage, sent his kingdom under lockdown. All the citizens of Crete are currently suspected of aiding the prisoners Daedalus and Icarus in escaping their prison in the labyrinth. 

Daedalus and Icarus reportedly broke out of prison at 4:55 pm last Thursday. 

As of now, King Minos has ordered for all trading activities to cease in order to bar anyone from exiting the island.. All modes of transportation have been put on hold for the time-being.The King’s guards patrol the borders of the kingdom everyday and stricter curfews have been enforced throughout all of Crete, in order for King Minos to survey the citizens and ensure no one aids a prisoner in escape again.

Crete is infamously known for its harsh treatment towards the prisoners; specifically the fact that a single misstep can land them in the Minotaur’s cave, a law that has sparked much controversy outside of the kingdom. Some do argue, though, that it is these strict rules which set examples for citizens of Crete, resulting in a low crime rate, making it one of the safest kingdoms throughout Greece.

“I’m quite shaken by this blatant outrage of the law,” the King admitted last wednesday.“After Daedalus and Icarus managed to escape from a prison that was heavily guarded by some of my finest guards, It’s completely possible for a prison break like this to happen again and pose a threat to all citizens of Crete.. New laws, ones that we have meticulously thought through, have been implemented in order for everyone in the kingdom to stay safe. For now, it’s best that citizens avoid going about farming or fishing, for their own safety. Further updates will be disclosed soon.” 

As of now, there have been no further updates about the prisoner’s whereabouts. Queen Pasiphae, King Minos’s wife, has disclosed to ‘The Oracle’ that her husband is working hard to ensure that the kingdom returns to its original state of safety and security again. “My husband has been working day and night to ensure those elusive and dangerous criminals are apprehended. The well-being of our citizens is our top-most priority, therefore we have had to set certain rules to ensure everyone’s safety.. We seek your understanding in this trying time.”

The citizens of Crete have taken it to the streets to protest against the closure of the trading port. The farmers and fishermen, a demographic that makes up most of the citizenry, make a living by trading goods at the port. With its closure, the less privileged demographic is at a heightened disadvantage, many of them barely scraping through the day with a severely constricted means of making money.. One citizen commented on how “closing the port would do more harm than good, especially since many citizens in Crete live in poverty as the corruption rates are alarmingly high.”  Another commented on how his family barely got through the day as he was not allowed to fish out in the sea, which meant they barely had any food as they were dependent on fishing to help them scrape up some food everyday. 

Wrongly blamed criminal Daedalus grieves the death of his son Icarus

By Zoe Angelos 

The Oracle

SICILY, GREECE- Icarus,  son of the infamous criminal Daedalus, was found dead on a remote island in the Aegean Sea. The body was found mutilated and the features barely recognisable, reported the couple that had found the body. The only thing identifiable about him was the remains of the wings that his father had made.

Daedalus and Icarus were labelled as one of the most notorious criminals by King Minos of Crete. Daedalus had faced trial in the Supreme Court and was imprisoned in the labyrinth for assisting Queen Pasiphae in seducing a bull after she was cursed by the Goddess of Love and Beauty, Aphrodite, a scandalous event that sparked a lot of controversy and made headlines throughout all of Greece for weeks.

Daedalus and Icarus are the first known mortals to ever fly.. Using materials he found around his small workshop in the cell, Daedalus produced two grand wings that aided him in his escape.

He, along with Icarus, had planned to seek asylum in Sicily, But unfortunately, while escaping, Icarus flew too close to the sun, resulting in his demise.

Daedalus recalls how Icarus fell from the sky- “Icarus’s cheekiness is what led him to his death. . While flying, I told him numerous times to steer clear of the sun as the heat would make the wax that had binded the wings together melt and the sea as the water would make the wings rather heavy. In both scenarios the wings would be nonfunctional and death would be inevitable. Everything was alright at first but after some time Icarus started to get bored and he flew around everywhere.. I… tried my best to tell him to stop as he was getting too close to the sun… but… he couldn’t hear me. The wax melted and my boy went crashing down into the water. I felt so helpless. I couldn’t help him.”

Daedalus had built a shrine in Sicily’s royal garden with the permission of the King in honour of his late son. The design was simple yet elegant, with Icarus’s favourite flowers surrounding it.

King Cocalus shared with ‘The Oracle’ about Daedalus’s journey in coping with grief. “The poor man was broken when he first entered my palace. He was crying and he 

barely ate or drank anything for the first couple of weeks. We had called for the royal doctor in hope that he could create a potion that would ail Daedalus. But no amount of potions could cure the guilt and grief Daedalus carried within himself. He barely walked and staggered a lot due to the lack of food and water. My daughter, Aelia, took it upon herself to help Daedalus. She sat with him for about an hour everyday to help Daedalus cope with his grief. After sometime she called upon the finest therapist in the kingdom to help Daedalus. Slowly we noticed a change. He became healthier but he wouldn’t speak much. After some time he made full recovery. I made him my royal advisor in hopes that work would take his mind off anything that worried him. Daedalus has changed a lot in the past few weeks since he has arrived and it has been an honour to have the great inventor as my royal advisor.”.

Princess Aelia, King Cocalus’s daughter, gave us insight on how tough Icarus’s death was on Daedalus- “When I first started to help him, he wouldn’t talk at all and his eyes were always glazed. He barely ate anything and I don’t think he slept at all either. Getting him to talk about Icarus was one of the toughest things he has done and his strength is really admirable. It was heartwarming to see him getting back in such a short amount of time.”


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