Persephone’s Abduction: A Global Controversy and ‘2020’s Controversial Couple surprises the public with an extravagant entrance and six wardrobe changes!


Persephone’s Abduction: A Global Controversy       
28 August 2020


Hermes Casmilus
Lead Journalist

Have you, too, concluded that the lonesome Hades Aidoneus is not capable of love? You’re not the only one about to be surprised by the news.

That’s right, Hades Aidoneous has found his lover – the one and only, Persephone Despoina Hagne. But that’s not what sparked this global conflict – it was the fact that he emerged from the ground and kidnapped Persephone right from her workplace, all in broad daylight. Who would have thought the CEO of Underworld Corp. would go through the trouble for a florist with a pretty face?

Persephone’s enraged mother, Demeter, who happens to be in charge of all harvests and agricultural activities globally, even expressed her anger on her social media. She said, “You can’t kidnap my daughter right from her workplace just because I left her alone for one moment. If I don’t have her back by dawn tomorrow, I will cut off all food and water supply globally.”

In the following Twitter thread, she began to further state why Hades was not fit for her daughter. “Hades lets women insult my daughter as if she is not important at all. @minthexoxo, Minthe, Hades’ ex-lover who he was dating before he pursued my daughter, was found parading around, proclaiming that she was so much more beautiful than my daughter.” 

Rumour has it that things between Persephone and Minthe got physical and Demeter, overprotective of her daughter as always, intervened and was said to have turned Minthe into a mint plant. Pretty embarrassing, if I do say so myself. But this situation does pose one huge question – is Hades good enough for Persephone? After all, who really knows how many crazy exes Hades has?

This chain of events seemed to have pushed Demeter beyond her limit and she was quick to keep to her word, cutting off all food supply and harvests. Not only did this worsen the world hunger situation, it also resulted in a global outcry. In addition to the famine and starvation stirring the feelings of many communities, many women began to fight for gender equality and Persephone’s freedom. With Persephone remaining silent, many took it that Hades abused his godly powers and role as a successful businessman to take advantage of the girl.

In fact, the situation took a turn for the worse when politician Zeus Areius, Hades’ older brother and Persephone’s father, got involved. “@barleymama_demeter I say that Persephone stays with her mother for the first six months of the year and Hades the next six.”

“I don’t see the problem here. Persephone’s old enough. Just let her be,” Poseidon commented to Zeus’ suggestion, garnering negative attention.  

Knowing Zeus’s dark past with raping women and sexual abuse of minors and Poseidon’s infamous addresses on all things problematic, a large crowd expressed their disapproval. Like brother like brother, there was no real way to know what Hades was doing to Persephone. Across the United States, there were several protests and riots, demanding “Justice for Persephone”. Legally, she was only a minor and could not run off with an older man without her mother’s consent. All this was not even considering the multiple decade age gap between the two which was considerably disturbing, if not downright inappropriate.

“How would you know that? In case you’ve forgotten, you have at least ten allegations of sexual abuse against you. I’m not going to take this. I want my daughter back and she’s not up for a bargain,” Demeter snapped in response to Zues’ tweet. Though global starvation took a toll on many communities— especially the poorer and less well-off ones— with global citizens desperate for more food, the fight for women and their role in society has not faltered.

“It’s disgusting how women are treated by men, especially ones with power. This entire controversy is proof that we need change. For Olympus’ sake, even the girl’s own mother doesn’t get a say in this!” an anonymous netizen commented, the response going viral within minutes. 

While the entire mess went down worldwide, Persephone and Hades were seen to be present at the annual Hollywood Met Gala, marking their first public appearance as a couple with Demeter being notably absent from the festivities. 

2020’s Controversial Couple surprises the public with 
an extravagant entrance and six wardrobe changes!

Honouring the theme “Sandro Botticelli: Style Laced with Confidence”, the one and only Hades Aidoneus and his young lover Persephone Despoina Hagne have managed to surprise viewers with their red carpet entrance with Persephone’s silver gilded lashes and velvet gold mermaid dress. 

Because of the lack of crops or flowers unlike every other year, most gods were seen in outfits crafted from metals and precious minerals, with Persephone the only guest in the entire event seen in flowers. With the intricate design inspired by the Garden of Diomedes on Persephone’s outfit to accompany Hades’ solid black outfit with a single white rose, the couple’s grace has taken the art of fashion to even greater heights.

When asked in an interview about her opinions on her mother’s wrath and her relationship with Hades, she revealed, “I’m happy with Hades. It was terrible being taken away all of a sudden but I’ve grown to love him. He feeds me well and treats me like a princess.”

She refused to entertain further questions, leaving the world with the mere fact that she went with Hades by choice and was not actually kidnapped against her will. 

“I did not abduct Persephone. She chose to come with me by her own will. Please stop any further rumours or gossip about my private life. I have done nothing wrong and don’t believe that I need to explain myself any more than this,” Hades released a brief comment on his social media, shutting down the chain of online hate being ploughed his way. 

However, Hades was exposed for lying when Helios, @sunchildhelii on Instagram, posted real footage of Hades abducting Persephone before fleeing down to the Underworld.

Seeing the look of shock, it was no doubt she was clueless as to what was happening. If there really was nothing wrong with the relationship, what was there to lie about? Other than this, it did not help that Hades did not often accept offers for sensationalist interviews, nor did he entertain the paparazzi. 

Speculations about Persephone developing Stockholm Syndrome, in which a hostage develops a strong emotional bond with their captor, began to gain attention too. Many citizens further suggested that it was possible Persephone claimed to love him only so he would not hurt her. After all, is “love at first sight” really so plausible?

“I know that many aren’t happy with my decision, but I am only getting to know Hades and I know he’s the one I want to be with. I only ask for privacy and respect,” Persephone stated, attempting to close the situation. When asked to comment, Demeter reportedly had nothing to say. In the meantime, famines continue to worsen and women globally, especially protesters, remain shocked. 


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