When She Returned


Kelly Tham’s (Class of 2023)  writing process includes stoning at a blank Google document, late night calls with comrades, the companionship of a cup of Milo, the perfect amount of tears, and prayers for an idea to manifest itself. She misses writing primary school compositions. Kelly is in the class of 2023.

Khoo Yi Xuan (Class of 2023) writes with hope. She finds comfort in the almost-limitless realms of science fiction and fantasy genres. You’ll likely find her someplace else, possibly in a field of clouds, dreaming somewhere in the sky.

Lim Swee Ein Iris (Class of 2023) loves McDonald’s, has an obsession with the Japanese mascot bear Kumamon, and would like to warn you that she has read almost every Warrior Cats book. She also writes about three times a year.