Heart of Fire


Kimberly Lim is a Year 5 Film Student from the second batch of LA students (2017-2020). She often indulges in character-based stories and has a straightforward writing style.

Sharifah ‘Izzah Binte Muhammed Shahril is a current Year 5 Film student from the second batch of Literary Arts students. She has been studying the art form for four years and discovered her flair in flash fiction and creative non-fiction.

Trina Alessandra Vaz is the lowest of traitors (Year 5 Double Science) and an ex-member of the second Literary Arts cohort. She thinks about lines of prose that sound cool but never puts anything down in words ever.

Videl Xavier is an ex-LA student from the cohort of 2017 – 2020 currently studying Film. Throughout her years in LA, she has found her passion in Graphic Novel and Screenwriting and thoroughly enjoyed her time in the art form.